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  • In the first half of 2018 we will release our latest report: Transition to school. This will provide a snapshot of the Growing Up in New Zealand children through the eyes of their mothers as they reach the important milestone of starting school.
  • Our 8 Year Data Collection Wave started in mid-2017 and is ongoing, with our team of interviewers currently out in the field talking to our cohort families. For the first time we are hearing from the children themselves about what it’s like to be growing up in New Zealand today. They’ll provide rare insights we’ve not been privileged to before.
  • Growing Up in New Zealand receives core funding from the government to carry out its research. In October 2017 responsibility for managing this crown funding contract moved from The Social Policy Research and Evaluation Unit (Superu) to the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). MSD played a leading role in initiating the Growing Up in New Zealand study as far back as 2004. We gratefully acknowledge Superu's invaluable contribution to the progress and ongoing development of Growing Up from 2013 to 2017.