72 Month Data Access Workshop (Auckland) Event as iCalendar

06 September 2018

11:30am - 1:15pm

Venue: Room 721-201, University of Auckland Tāmaki Campus

Location: 261 Morrin Road, Glen Innes, AUCKLAND

Host: Growing Up in New Zealand

Cost: No charge

Contact email: workshops@growingup.co.nz

Website: Growing Up in New Zealand

Six-year data from the Growing Up in New Zealand study is now ready for researchers to access and utilise.

This is the fifth release of data from New Zealand’s contemporary longitudinal study of child development. The study is tracking the development of around 6,800 children born in 2009 and 2010 from before birth until they are young adults.

Come along and learn about Growing Up in New Zealand and the 72 Month data set.

Transition to school 72 Month Data Access Workshop P1 Invite-2

The 72 Month Data Collection Wave was the first time Growing Up in New Zealand used an online electronic questionnaire as the primary mode of data collection.

The interactive workshop will include:

  • An introduction to the 72 Month Data Collection Wave
  • Important considerations when analysing the 72 Month data
  • The data access process – how to get started
  • The e-Research platform
  • An introduction to the data sets
  • The chance to ask questions


This is a FREE workshop. Tea and coffee will be provided. Copies of the Transition to school report, which summarises key findings of the 72 Month Data Collection Wave, will be available.

To register your attendance, or for more information, please email
workshops@growingup.co.nz by Monday 3 September, letting us know:

  • Whether you’re a current or new user of the e-Research platform
  • Whether you’re familiar with Growing Up in New Zealand data sets and have accessed them before
  • Whether you are an analyst who intends working with the data directly, will be sharing learnings from the workshop with others, or both.

If you know of others who would be interested in attending, please let them know. We look forward to seeing you!


Growing Up in New Zealand is led by a multidisciplinary team at the University of Auckland. Up until October 2017, core funding for the study was managed by Superu. Since that time, funding has been managed by the Ministry of Social Development.