How useful is the concept of ‘belonging’ for understanding the lives of young people? Event as iCalendar

12 April 2016

1 - 2pm

Venue: Tamaki Innovation Campus, Cafe Europa - Building 733, Room 203

Host: Centre for Longitudinal Research

Cost: Free

Contact email:


Clare Relton

A panel discussion organised by the Childhood and Youth Research Network, as part of the Centre for Longitudinal Research lunchtime seminar series


Prof Johanna Wyn (Director - Youth Research Centre, Melbourne Graduate School of Education)
Dr Elizabeth Peterson (School of Psychology)
Assoc Prof Simon Denny (School of Medicine)


Professor Alan France (School of Social Sciences - Sociology)

About Professor Johanna Wyn

Professor Johanna Wyn, FASSA, FAcSS, leads the Life Patterns longitudinal study of two cohorts of Australians.  Her work focuses on the interface between young people’s learning and wellbeing in formal and informal educational settings, on young people’s transitions and on the knowledge and skills professionals who work with young people in these settings need in the 21st Century. Recent books include the Springer Handbook of Childhood, Youth Studies, Youth and Generation: Change and Inequality in the Lives of Young People, and Making it work: Continuity and change in rural places


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