Familial Altruistic Preferences and Early Child Health Outcomes Event as iCalendar

07 April 2016

12 - 1pm

Venue: Tamaki Innovation Campus, Building 730 (Population Health Building), Room 266

Host: Centre for Longitudinal Research

Cost: Free

Contact email: m.heathcote@auckland.ac.nz

Website: www.fmhs.auckland.ac.nz/centre-for-longitudinal-research

Clare Relton

Centre for Longitudinal Research lunchtime seminar by Mariah Ehmke, University of Wyoming

Mariah Ehmke will outline her research into family/whānau altruism on child health outcomes using the Growing Up in New Zealand datasets.

Altruism and pro-social behaviour are fundamental motivational forces driving parents to care for their children. The aim of this research is to measure the role of altruistic actions and pro-social preferences on early human capital production. Growing Up in New Zealand data may provide key insight into the role of family/whānau altruism on parental demand for child immunisation, breastfeeding and smoking cessation.


About Mariah Ehmke
Dr Mariah Ehmke is an associate professor of agricultural and applied economics at the University of Wyoming. She is currently a visiting Senior Lecturer to the University of Otago’s economics department. Her work is motivated by the desire to understand food production and consumption with consideration for public health and environmental quality.


All staff and students are welcome. Please RSVP to m.heathcote@auckland.ac.nz