Two tales from Yorkshire - Paying mums to breastfeed and innovation in trial methodology Event as iCalendar

04 March 2016

1 - 2pm

Venue: Tamaki Innovation Campus, Building 730 (Population Health Building), Room 220

Host: Centre for Longitudinal Research

Cost: Free

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Clare Relton

Centre for Longitudinal Research lunchtime seminar by Clare Relton, University of Sheffield

Clare Relton will showcase two Yorkshire-based innovations in health research.

The first tale is the NOSH (NOurishing Start for Health) project. This controversial project is exploring the potential of offering financial incentives (shopping vouchers) to breastfeed, to women who live in areas with very low breastfeeding rates. The third stage of the project - a large cluster randomised controlled trial with 10,500 women - is now underway.  

The second tale focusses on efficient and ethical practical trial design. Clare describes the Yorkshire Health Study - a combined population-based research platform and longitudinal observational study. To date 30,000+ Yorkshire people have joined the study, and 20+ studies have used the Yorkshire Health Study research platform. The study uses the 'cohort multiple randomised controlled trial' design, an innovative pragmatic/practical RCT design. This design (known as the ‘Trials' design) is helping 18+ studies in the UK, Canada and Europe recruit efficiently and ethically.


About Claire Relton
Clare is a health researcher with a background in Philosophy and Homeopathic Medicine. She joined the University of Sheffield (ScHARR) in 2003 with a Department of Health Training Fellowship and obtained her PhD (in pragmatic trial design) in 2009.


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