How are our children doing at two? – Findings from the Growing Up in New Zealand study Event as iCalendar

21 May 2015

7 - 9pm

Venue: Novotel Ellerslie, Auckland


Presentation by Growing Up in New Zealand Director Assoc Prof Susan Morton at the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP) meeting

Growing Up in New Zealand is the country‚Äôs largest and most comprehensive longitudinal study, following the lives of nearly 7000 children born in 2009 and 2010 from before they are born until they reach adulthood.  This talk will describe how these children, who represent the diversity of NZ preschoolers, are developing throughout their critical first 1000 days of life when the foundations of so many later life health and wellbeing pathways are being established. Results will be presented from the most recent reports from the University of Auckland based Growing Up in New Zealand team to provide an overview of the milestones the children have reached at two, and to describe the rich diversity of the families and the environments in which they are living, learning and developing. Many things are going well for these toddlers and their families, but in some cases it is clear that we could do better to enable the healthy development of all NZ children.