Children's page

A big thank you for being part of the Growing Up in New Zealand study!

This page is for all the children in the Growing Up in New Zealand study. We hope you have fun with the games we provide for you, and try out some of the links to other interesting websites for children.

This page will grow over time so please come back for new information and games from time to time.


"My family" pictures from 8 Year Time Use Diaries


Places to go, things to do

Sports word search 2016: solution

We hope you found all the words in the Sports word search in our 2016 newsletter, but if not here is the solution.


Te Reo word search 2015: solution

We hope you found all the words in our te Reo word search but if not, here is the solution.

Te Reo wordsearch puzzle solution

More word puzzles for you

Each PDF file below contains another word search puzzle. These ones are a little bit harder, with words going across, down and diagonally. Print them out to solve the puzzle.

NZ Native Birds Wordsearch
(116.6 kB, PDF)
Shapes Wordsearch
(220.5 kB, PDF)

Some websites you might like

There are lots of fun websites for children on the internet. A few examples are below. Please make sure to ask your parents before visiting the pages.

Hiking Kiwi bird
  • National Geographic Kids: A fun website for children with facts, photos and information about people, animals and our environment
  • Virtual Incredible Science: Created by the University of Auckland's Faculty of Science, this page has lots of science games and videos
  • Eduplace: Educational and fun online games for children
  • Scholastic I Spy: A range of easy to hard, find and click, I Spy games
  • Learn more about the amazing world of science with science experiments, cool facts, online games, free activities, ideas, lesson plans, photos, quizzes, videos & science fair projects.
  • A website with a whole range of educational sections on history, science, animals, maths, dinosaurs, as well as activities and games. You can build your own aliens and learn to play chess.
  • NASA Kids' Club: This website has space-themed games, and information for children about NASA and what it does. You can build virtual rockets and test your knowledge of the solar system.