Your privacy

Participant privacy is important to us - any information you provide will remain absolutely confidential and will never be used in any way that identifies you, your child or family.

Data collection and storage

Only trained interviewers who have signed confidentiality agreements that they will not discuss any of their interviews are allowed to interview people enrolled in Growing Up in New Zealand.

During the interview, the answers are recorded using a laptop, and then transferred to a secure database in the research office. Once the information is transferred to the database, it is erased from the laptop.

When all the interviews are done, the researchers take the answers and analyse them. None of the researchers have access to people's private details. This information is locked separately in a secure system and none of the people who have access to the personal information can look at the interview answers.

External researchers who request access to Growing Up in New Zealand data need to fulfil a list of criteria and will need to be approved by our Data Access Committee.

Please find more information about this process on our Data access guide page.

All of our data storage systems are as secure as they can be, with only a few people able to access each system.

Ethics committee approvals

The Northern Y Regional Ethics Committee approved all of our interview questions, consent forms and information sheets before we started enrolling women and their partners into Growing Up in New Zealand.

The committee also approves all new interview questions before we send them to our participants.

By having an independent committee review all of our material, everyone enrolled in the study can be sure that their rights and personal information are protected.

Visit the Health and Disability Ethics Committee website for more information.

More information

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about the study at any stage, please contact

Growing Up in New Zealand
Phone: 0508 476 946