1. Determinants of preschoolers’ access to dental care 2. Determinants of preschoolers’ oral health 3. An evaluation of current screening for oral health 4. Predictors of early childhood caries and dental extractions
Publication Date
Lead Organisation
Growing Up in New Zealand
Lead Researcher
Rachel Farrar
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Primary Classification
Health and Wellbeing

The first project will understand determinants of access to routinely available preschool dental care and identify predictors of children’s oral health across the preschool years.

The second project will involve the linkage with oral health data and will consider how well the “lift the lip” assessments in the Before School Check predict oral health assessments and treatment by Dental Therapists and how well the parent of children’s oral health relate to oral health assessments and treatment by Dental Therapists.

The third project will identify factors associated with the development of early childhood caries, identify, among children with early childhood caries, factors associated requiring a general anaesthetic for dental treatment and extractions.

The project will also identify strategies to reduce the risk of early childhood caries and prevent the need for general anaesthetic dental treatment and extractions.