The role of maternal diet on the development of GDM and its influence on child outcomes
Publication Date
Lead Organisation
Growing Up in New Zealand
Lead Researcher
Robyn Lawrence
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Health and Wellbeing

The aim of this PhD is to explore the dietary management of GDM in New Zealand through three projects.

First, using data from the Growing Up in New Zealand study to identify the dietary patterns of women with GDM and compare this with the dietary patterns of women without GDM to determine whether there is a particular dietary pattern that is associated with a decreased or increased risk of GDM in New Zealand and whether these dietary patterns influence child outcomes at birth, nine months, and two years of age.

Secondly, dietetic services and practice in the management of GDM have been evaluated through a nationwide survey.

Lastly, a mixed-methods study will evaluate the nutrition knowledge of women with GDM, whether dietetic intervention leads to changes in nutrition knowledge and explore the perceptions, barriers and enablers of following dietary recommendations of women with GDM.