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Access to Growing Up in New Zealand data

9-month and antenatal data from Growing Up in New Zealand is available for use by researchers outside the Growing Up team.

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Key results

Growing Up in New Zealand produced four major reports so far, Before we are born in 2010, Now we are born in 2012, as well as Now we are two and Vulnerability Report 1 in 2014.

Find out what we know so far about how our children are growing up.

Current research with GUiNZ data

The data collected by Growing Up in New Zealand is a rich resource for scientific research.

Find examples of projects the GUiNZ team is currently working on.

Welcome to GUiNZ

Growing Up in New Zealand (GUiNZ) is a longitudinal study that provides an up-to-date, population relevant picture of what it is like to be a child growing up in New Zealand in the 21st century.

Approximately 7,000 children and their families are taking part in the study that aims to provide a complete picture of the pathways that lead to successful and equitable child development, therefore improving outcomes for all children - now and into the future.

As the largest longitudinal study in New Zealand we are pleased to be working towards making positive change in policy and social outcomes.

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Access to 9-month data from Growing Up in New Zealand

9-month data from Growing Up In New Zealand is being made available for the first time for use by researchers outside the Growing Up team. The 9-month data release is the second release of data from this ground-breaking longitudinal study.

To assist current and future users in navigating our data sets, a series of FREE data access workshops will be held in Wellington and Auckland in July 2014. We invite you to come along and learn about the Growing Up in New Zealand study, the 9-month data set and supporting documentation, how to link it with the previously released antenatal data set, and the value of longitudinal data for your organisation and research.

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News and events

GUiNZ releases report on early childhood vulnerability

Routinely collected health data on pregnant women could be used in a better way to identify 'at risk' children earlier and more effectively, according to a new report from Growing Up in New Zealand released today. "Exploring the Definition of Vulnerability for Children in their First 1000 Days" evaluates how commonly New Zealand children experience twelve family and environmental risk factors that have previously been shown to increase the chances that children will have poor developmental outcomes. Read more

21 July 2014

Growing Up in New Zealand launches 'Now We Are Two' report

The latest report from Growing Up in New Zealand, 'Now We Are Two: Describing our first 1000 days' provides insight into the lives of two-year-olds in New Zealand today - describing health and safety, emotional and behavioural development, and early learning of the nearly 7,000 children in the study. Read more

17 June 2014

Access to GUiNZ data


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