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Growing Up in New Zealand is New Zealand's contemporary longitudinal study tracking the development of approximately 7,000 New Zealand children from before birth until they are young adults. The study is designed to provide unique information about what shapes children’s early development and how interventions might be targeted at the earliest opportunity to give every New Zealand child the best start in life.

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    New external projects with Growing Up in New Zealand data approved
    30 October 2014
    Growing Up in New Zealand has approved access to its anonymised external datasets for three new projects submitted by the Ministries of Education and Social Development, and the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (SuPERU) in cooperation with the Families Commission.
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    NZ parents hope for more than just happy and healthy babies
    14 October 2014
    What do expectant mums and dads hope for their children? According to new research from Growing Up in New Zealand, a baby’s health and happiness may be high up on the list, but today’s parents want a lot more than that. Many of them desired things for their child that others take for granted, such as a life free of financial worries, discrimination, drugs or violence.

Access to Growing Up in New Zealand data

9-month and antenatal data from Growing Up in New Zealand is available for use by researchers outside the Growing Up team.

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Meet our families

Meet Sophie (5) from Auckland and Kaea (4) from Hamilton, two of the 7,000 children whose lives the Growing Up in New Zealand study follows. Their stories offer vivid pictures of how children grow up in New Zealand today.


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