Research Projects Using Growing Up Data

12DCW Leading Light/ Te Rōpū Pīata analysis about Stats NZ proposal

Publication Date:
Lead Organisation:
University of Auckland
Lead Researcher:
Sarah Gerritsen, Carin Napier, Kane Meissel, Sarah-Jane Paine, Avinesh Pillai, Kate Prickett and John Fenaughty
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Primary Classification:
Culture and Identity
Secondary Classification:

The Leading Light/ Te Rōpū Pīata (LL) data collection at 12-years (12DCW) is in the field 1 June to 9 July 2021. The eligible LL cohort available for ongoing contact is n=178 children (89% of those recruited) and we expect ~100 home visits will be conducted for the 12DCW LL.

One of the main aims of the 12DCW LL was to obtain feedback from the primary caregiver regarding a proposal for data transfer to Stats NZ and linkage with the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). A 10 minute questionnaire was administered by interviewers during the home visit to ask the primary caregivers five questions about this proposal in a CAPI questionnaire.

Descriptive statistics (frequency and proportions) will be used to output the quantitative data and thematic analyses of the free text responses iwill be undertaken. Responses will be examined for the overall LL cohort and by ethnicity (total response Level 1 Stats NZ classification).

Descriptive and thematic analyses will be conducted by the Growing Up in New Zealand team (Avinesh Pillai and Sarah Gerritsen) and key members of the Data Linkage Working Group (Sarah-Jane Paine, Kane Meissel and Carin Napier) will write the background, discussion and recommendations. Named Investigators Kate Prickett and John Fenaughty will review interpretation of the data and advise on recommendations, and all Named Investigators (not listed on this grant) will have the opportunity to comment on the draft.