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Ethnic differences in the uptake of healthcare services: A Microanalysis

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Gail Pacheco, Nadia Charania, Alexander Plum, Kabir Dasgupta, Sonia Lewycka, Dan Tautolo, Terryann Clark, Mary Hedges
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Health and Wellbeing
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Family and Whanau

There is extensive acknowledgement and evidence that ethnic gaps (particularly for Maori and Pacific Peoples) exist in the rates of GP registration, immunisation and dental checks. Underutilisation of these healthcare services may result in a number of adverse health outcomes in the long term. While there is some descriptive evidence available on the household and individual characteristics associated with the uptake of these services there is little analysis into the drivers, barriers and enablers that underly the uptake of these services and the ethnic differences experienced. This project is funded by HRC (19/263) and will build on a previous empirical project (DA 18/1014) in three ways.

Firstly, it will explore additional outcome variables and time points around the three domains of interest and how these results may differ from those used in DA 18/1014. Secondly, this project will explore the observed patterns of service usage through a qualitative lens of focus group discussions (FGDs). This work will complement the quantitative stage by creating a space for participants to collectively discuss issues that are meaningful to them, paying particular attention to any barriers and enablers experienced. These findings may lead to the third extension which is to further explore mechanisms and mediating factors through the use of the GUINZ data, beyond those included in DA 18/1014. For example, research from DA 18/1014 has shown the importance of encouraging / discouraging in immunisation decisions for those that have not decided yet – we plan to explore the sources of these further.