Research Projects Using Growing Up Data

Gross motors skills development in New Zealand children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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Paula Araya Herrera, Katrina Phillips, Lisa Underwood, Karen Waldie
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Psych and Cog
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Health and Wellbeing

Previous work has indicated the parents of around 150 Growing Up in New Zealand participants have concerns that their child has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); parents report that about 1 of 59 of these children have been given a formal ASD diagnosis. Individuals with ASD have numerous behavioural issues that relate to atypical motor and movement issues, but these issues have rarely been formally and empirically examined in a population sample.

This proposed study will explore gross motor skills (from nine months to eight years of age) of children with and without ASD. The aims of the study are: (1) to describe gross motor skills expression in New Zealand children with and without ASD; and (2) To analyse the association between gross motor skills and behaviour, communication, social and cognitive outcomes in New Zealand children with and without ASD. Here we seek to have access to data from the following Data Collection Waves: antenatal (AN); six weeks (6w); nine months (9m); two years (2Y); 4½ (4.5Y); and eight years (8Y).

• Mother questionnaire (AN, 9m, 2Y, 4.5Y & 8Y)

• Perinatal dataset (6w)

• Child proxy questionnaire (9m, 2Y, 4.5Y & 8Y)

• Child observation (2Y, 4.5Y & 8Y)

• Child questionnaire (8Y)