Research Projects Using Growing Up Data

Now We Are Twelve Reporting NWA12

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Lead Organisation:
University of Auckland
Lead Researcher:
Sarah-Jane Paine
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Primary Classification:
Family and Whanau
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The Now We Are 12 (NWA12) Reporting will focus on what the GUiNZ study contributes to understanding the wellbeing of NZ children in late childhood. It is proposed that there will be at least twelve comment pieces/topic summaries which describe the GUiNZ information from birth to twelve years and how these are related to children’s wellbeing. Each topic paper will focus on a set of descriptive findings from the 12 year kōrero/interviews with children and their whānau (presented by gender, ethnic group and socioeconomic position), and contain longitudinal analyses where possible to understand the patterns of wellbeing according to differential early life child and family characteristics across the cohort. We will also report on retention and attrition (non-response bias and loss-to-followup) in the cohort over time, give an introduction to the specific components of the 12 year DCW, and descriptive characteristics of the cohort children who participated in the 12 year DCW. The chapter/page on completion of the 12 year DCW will include descriptive statistics, regression models and pathway analysis to determine the characteristics of those who completed the 12 year DCW. The NWA12 reporting will include a mixture of descriptive statistics, regression models and appropriate statistical methods to analyse trajectories over time.

The NWA12 reporting is a contract milestone for delivery to the Ministry of Social Development. The report will be released on-line on the GUiNZ website, summary sheets with highlighted findings using infographics will be compiled and printed copies shared with the cohort families. In addition, the main findings will be shared at events in Wellington, the Waikato and Auckland, with online streaming and/or recorded option available.