Research Projects Using Growing Up Data

Summer Studentship: Who were the Asian mothers in Growing Up in New Zealand at recruitment, and what were their experiences of living in NZ?

Publication Date:
Lead Organisation:
The University of Auckland
Lead Researcher:
Renee Liang
Access Type:
Primary Classification:
Family and Whanau
Secondary Classification:
Culture and Identity
Health and Wellbeing
Psych and Cog

This study will examine the data on the mothers self-identifying as Asian ethnicity at the antenatal data collection wave. This is a quantitative descriptive study looking at cultural and ethnic identities, feeling of belonging, experiences of interacting with health systems, acculturation and bias. We will also look at factors like language, migration history, community support and cultural beliefs. We hope to provide a better understanding of the health needs of our rapidly growing and changing Asian population. This study will lay the groundwork for the long overdue Asian cohort descriptive paper.